Words from our contributors

J.2.14 - thank you notes

As Julie eloquently described during our Into the Forest presentation at Synergy4, the International Polymer Clay Association conference held in King of Prussia, PA on August 13-16, 2017:

When the three of us [Laura, Emily and Julie] got together and decided to throw out this call for contributions, we had no idea where it would lead. You saw earlier some of the fantastic pieces that we have accumulated. But there was an effect
that went beyond the objects. The emotional impact this collaboration has
on us as individuals, as a community or even as a member of the world.
This project brought out fears among novices about being “good enough”,
pride for those who took it as a challenge and overcame. Then there was the
joy of being a part of something bigger.

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How it all began

Adapted from an interview with Laura Tabakman, Julie Eakes and Emily Squires Levine, originally printed in International Polymer Clay, the official publication of the International Polymer Clay Association, May-June 2017.

Into the Forest- Colorado
Aspen Trees, Colorado

It began when Laura Tabakman suggested to Emily Squires Levine and Julie Eakes that they “go big!”.  Their original inspiration from a Colorado aspen forest was now a large-scale installation open to international polymer clay artists. This is their story. Continue reading