A little history

A little history of the INTO THE FOREST Installation.

In late August 2015, Laura Tabakman and Emily Squires Levine found themselves together at an artists’ retreat in Colorado.  High in the Rocky Mountains, they were surrounded by groves of aspen trees.  August in the mountains presents as early fall.  Crisp mornings, gusty winds, sudden thunderstorms.  The leaves on the aspens, not yet turned yellow but definitely on their way, respond to the wind:  Due to their unique stem structure, with just the slightest breeze, the leaves “quake”, producing the sound and shadows of fluttering butterfly wings. The bark, typically smooth and silver-gray, develops rough spots which turn an organic black. 

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Welcome to the Forest!

Bates-Silvana-20170328_174211 copy
From Ireland, Silvana Bates submission to the Forest

“Into the Forest” is a mixed media international collaborative installation organized by artists Julie Eakes, Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman.

A call has been made to polymer artists and enthusiasts from around the world to create pieces, which will form the installation’s life elements.  Our goal is that the flora and fauna that inhabit their part of the world will inspire contributors. From what we hope will be thousands of elements contributed by our vast global community, we look forward to creating the largest installation of its kind, generating a global coming together of the polymer clay community as a result. Deadline for submitting the work is May 2nd, 2017.

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