INTO THE FOREST: From a distance and up close

Blog post by guest writer Sherri Roberts

How might one describe INTO THE FOREST, both the artwork and the experience?
IntoTheForest-20171118_185138 copyFirst, how is a forest “supposed” to look? While I had nature’s beauty vaguely, distantly in mind, these 300+ polymer-clay artists have grabbed nature’s expressive details from within their own environments and countries to fashion unique elements for ITF. No one set of leaves or cluster of butterflies or bouquet of dandelions was like any other. And, just to be clear, this place used to house a car dealership–lots of space to fill. Continue reading

An aha moment

Mary Towner is today’s guest blogger.

IntotheForest-creativeReuseIn between my shifts at The Spinning Plate working on Into the Forest, I’m reading a wonderful book, Ageless Soul, by Thomas Moore. Both activities—The Forest and The Book—are looming large for me right now. During a book chapter this morning, the two converged in an aha moment. The author speaks about “melancholy” being an important, and even positive, part of life. Rather than medicate it as “depression”, we can accept it as natural and work with it in several ways to achieve a positive result.

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Into the Forest — A Great Place to Go on a Lackluster Pittsburgh Day

From Connie Donaldson, today’s guest blogger.

IMG_20171104_133411_648 copyYou can tell that winter is coming to Pittsburgh fast. The dark mornings, the dreary rain-filled days are harbingers of another cold, messy season. That’s the way the day was when I went to the Spinning Plate Gallery to help my friend Laura Tabakman and Emily Squires Levine and Julie Eakes, the creators of Into the Forest, begin to assemble one of the most unique installations of polymer clay art there has ever been!

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